R.Test Evolution 4

30 years of NOVACOR Unique Experience in Ambulatory ECG Analysis

R.Test Evolution 4 new Capabilities include AUTOMATIC Real Time ECG recording of All types of Asymptomatic Complex Arrhythmias or Ischemic Episodes as well as Patient triggered Symptomatic events (Palpitation, Dizziness, Chest pain...)

R.Test Evolution 4 Innovative Features

R.Test Evolution 4 Innovative Features make it the most COST EFFECTIVE Clinical Tool in Ambulatory ECG Diagnosis

Advanced Technology

Outstanding Clinical Performance

ECG Recorder

Type of recorder Automatic Recorder/ ECG Arrhythmia Detection
Heart Rate trend
Manual Recording of symptomatic episodes
Type of events
(Automatic mode)
Supraventricular and Ventricular QRS,
(Isolated, Couplets, Triplets and Runs)
Absolute and Relative Pauses
Bradycardia, Tachycardia, ST shifts, Atrial Fibrillation
Manual Marker
Maximum Recording Duration 32 days
Number of channels 1
Data Storage Non-volatile Stable Memory
Memory Lifetime 10 billion cycles
Sampling and analysis 200 Hz
Vertical resolution 10 bits
Precision of the ECG in duration ± 2.5 ms
Precision of the ECG in voltage ± 6 μV
Storage 100 Hz
PC connection USB2.0 Full Speed


Electrical Supply 2 x zinc-air 1.4 V - 640 mAh batteries
Overall Length 60 mm
Overall Width 48 mm
Overall Height 28 mm
Weight batteries included 40 g
Index IP (with ECG cable in place) IPX4